Valenties Meal Deals Rated

Posted on Wed, February 12, 2020

Posted by: TeletrackLIVE

Valentine's Day meal deals 2020 ranked!

It's that time of year again where every supermarket puts out it's Valentine's Day meal deal for those of us who would rather stay in and cook than spend fortunes on a slap-up meal for our loved ones this 14th February! 

But which one provides the best combination of value, luxury and selection? We've done the hard work for you and ranked them from 8th to 1st!

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8th: Aldi


At £10 Aldi's offering might seem like excellent value as it's joint cheapest; however the eagle-eyed amongst you will recognise that this doesn't come with the standard bottle of wine or fizz that all other entries come with. 

The mains range is okay, with dishes including Beef Wellington (this will be a recurring theme), steak and salmon - however, we've deducted points for the pictured heart-shaped chicken nuggets.

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7th: Tesco


At £15 the Tesco offering sits firmly in the middle of the price range, however, the big four giant loses points for the sheer lack of variety available. There are only two choices of starters and two choices of mains which pales in comparison to some of its similarly priced alternatives.

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6th: Iceland


Iceland have done meal deals a little different this year but restricting customers not to a starter, main, and dessert but simply to three selections from the Gino D'Acampo range.

The £10 price tag for 3 of the Italian Chef's range and a bottle of wine has boosted its rankings but the range will feel restricted if Italian food isn't your go-to cuisine.

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5th: The Co-Op


The Co-Op's meal deal has an okay range, but at the £20 top-end price range consumers expect a level of luxury, the options of Lasagne, mac and cheese and ranch steaks for the main course is lacking in the luxury feel that may have boosted the Co-Op's ranking.

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4th: ASDA


Not unlike the Co-Op, ASDA has aimed at the soul foods market rather than the higher-end products, with entries like chorizo mac and cheese as a main - and scotch eggs to start. That being said ASDA takes the top half slot because of its reduced £15 mid-range price point.

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3rd: Waitrose


The traditionally high-end retailer has gone for the luxury appeal for its meal deal with a price point to match - £20 for a starter, main, two sides, and one dessert.

The menu matches the price point with luxury mains including harissa lamb shanks and tuna steaks, served with Mediterranean veg and Heston's bucks fizz swirls - the luxury selection of choices balances out the higher price point in our opinion

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2rd: Marks & Spencer


After the roaring success last year, the "Love Sausage" is back again, boosting M&S' ranking even with the top end £20 price tag. The truffle-infused sausage wrapped in bacon with a runny egg centre was a massive hit last year and looks set to do so again.

Coupled with some indulgent menu choices like beef bourguignon and truffled cauliflower cheese M&S have held true to their famed "Not just" strapline with their meal deal.

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1st: Morrisons


Which leaves us with our winner! Morrisons with its £15 Valentine's Day meal deal.

The big 4 supermarket has found the perfect balance of price and product in our opinion with a firmly mid range price tag but luxury options including beef wellington, lamb shanks, smoked salmon mousse and dauphinoise potatoes.

Couple that with a bottle of wine and some chocolates and you're all set for your perfect night in.

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So there you have it - meal deals from all of the major supermarkets ranked so you can decide where to nip to on the way home on the 13th because you've totally forgotten it's Valentine's Day tomorrow... you're welcome!


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