DMS for Retail

TeletrackLIVE has been the live connected worker platform for managing the mobile workforce of Field Marketing agencies since 2002. From smaller strategic agencies running tactical activities to large multinational Field Marketing agencies capturing 1000’s of store visits a day, TeletrackLIVE has been there to support them.

Why TeletrackLIVE?

With over 17 years’ experience managing the field based workforce of field marketing agencies TeletrackLIVE has developed fluid, collaborative field marketing software which is constantly upgraded. By being ahead of the market with new and developing trends our customers are always in the best position to win that next big contract.

Why DMS?

The retail scene in 2020 is challenging, planograms in the big 4 are as good as locked down unless you have the marketing budget of a blue chip.

The independent retailer market however is still growing, with +0.27% growth in 2017 compared to -0.33% decline for major retailers.

DMS for Retail remains the best way for challenger brands and household names alike to increase net sales.

Enhanced POS display, FSDU, CDU and planogram manipulation
Take advantage of looser store display requirements and increase visibility in store.
Wider distribution network
Get your products in to hundreds more locations than grocery alone, massively increased distribution for a fraction of the cost.
Store, salesperson and product scorecards
Use TeletrackLIVE’s intelligent dashboards to highlight the best performing salespeople, stores and products. Take the guesswork out of marketing efficiency and ROI targets.
Intelligent revisit management, removing sales drop off
Independent store owners are busy, tactical DMS projects with no revisits show a massive drop off on reorder rates. Teletrack LIVE’s DMS software allows salespeople to revisit stores at the perfect time to get a reorder.

17 years experience managing the field based workforce.. That's why our clients use TeletrackLIVE

Key Features

On the fly creation, update & deletion of locations

Get the jobs to the right people based on predetermined routes or offer work out to agents with a specified skillset or location.

Intelligent follow-up visit scheduling

Automatically book follow up visits to give the best possible chance of making a reorder sale.

View previous visit data

Empower your salespeople with previous visit information available in line with new visit data.

Customisable branding

You’ve worked hard on your branding, show it off to the world! Our web app is fully customisable with logos, colour schemes and terminology to ensure brand conformity.

POS distribution & compliance

Ensure compliance on all delivered and distributed POS materials with instructions, planograms and photo examples straight from the app; your clients vision executed perfectly in every store.

Route planning & optimisation

Save time and money by creating round trip routes optimised by distance travelled. Drop in new visits and automatically update the route plan.


GPS check-in and comparative locations to make sure your people are where they say they are, when the say they’re there.

KPI/Performance Measurement

Track project completion statistics, performance against sales targets and stock moving targets in real time dashboards. Never be caught out by anomalous data points again.

Total Mobile device support

Our app is available on any device with a web browser. iOS, Android, Windows, Windows Mobile, macOS and more are all supported.

Online or Offline operation

The TeletrackLIVE suite of products are fully offline capable, don’t let poor connections delay your reporting.

Retailer & Agent Scorecards

Track the best performing merchandisers, see which stores buy more often than others, find stores that accept POS displays; all from a real time Scorecard dashboard.

Powerful client visualisation portal

Give your clients access to their data automatically with instantaneously updating Dashboards featuring photo galleries, graphs, charts and maps.