Facilities Management

TeletrackLIVE has been the live connected worker platform for managing the mobile workforce of Facilities management providers since 2002. From small local businesses with one van to global facilities management giants with thousands of mobile workers, TeletrackLIVE is capable of supporting them.

Why TeletrackLIVE?

TeletrackLIVE has modules perfect for cleaning companies, field service companies, maintenance providers and other businesses with field based workforce.

Go paperless

In 2019 there are still a plethora of companies using reams of paper and filing cabinets to manage their operations, switching to a paperless mobile workforce management software future proofs your business and brings it in to line with advancing market standards.

Win more business

In the current market, jobs are fast becoming a ‘race to the bottom’, this unsustainable practice has been highlighted in the cases of FM giants like Carillion.

Bring something new to the table that your competitors are not offering, real time job updates, advanced dashboards, seamless invoicing and hugely increased efficiencies. Focus on value, not price.

How do I make more booking more efficient?
Save hours of valuable time on phone calls to field workers with TeletrackLIVE’s advanced self-booking system.
How do I know if my field force has completed the job?
Ensure compliance to your clients by providing GPS check in and time stamping as well as efficient route planning to minimise mileage claims.
How do I get the data to my clients?
Get rid of excel spreadsheets, pivot tables and charts and let DashMagic handle your data output, your clients can access the data within seconds of receiving it from the field force.
How do I know if I am on target to hit my SLA levels?
Leave behind the whiteboards, spreadsheets and calendars; TeletrackLIVE provides tactical project management tools to ensure you stay on target. Centralise booking, completion lists and tasks in one user friendly place.
Proprietary or outsourced?
IT staff are expensive and in short supply, let TeletrackLIVE be your dedicated technical partner. Using TeletrackLIVE means no ongoing maintenance costs and receiving free industry focused updates year round. This method frees up internal operations and IT staff to help you be a market leader, rather than spending time on execution software.

17 years experience managing the field based workforce.. That's why our clients use TeletrackLIVE

Key Features

Self-assignment or mandatory booking

Get the jobs to the right people based on predetermined routes or offer work out to agents with a specified skillset or location.

Staff Skill Tracking

Fully customisable accreditation, skills and HSE tracking to make sure the right people are in the right place.

Instant Reporting

Receive job completion reports in real-time for the field, keep your workers in the field and not back at head office managing bits of paper.

Live tracking

Use TeletrackLIVE’s tracking portal to show end users the current location of their engineer and the estimated time of arrival.

Reduced administration

Spend less time filing reports, job sheets, invoices and quotes and more time doing what you do best.

Route planning & optimisation

Save time and money by creating round trip routes optimised by distance travelled. Drop in new visits and automatically update the route plan.


GPS check-in and comparative locations to make sure your people are where they say they are, when the say they’re there.

KPI/Performance Measurement

Track project completion statistics, performance against sales targets and stock moving targets in real time dashboards. Never be caught out by anomalous data points again.

Total Mobile device support

Our app is available on any device with a web browser. iOS, Android, Windows, Windows Mobile, macOS and more are all supported.

Powerful client visualisation portal

Give your clients access to their data automatically with instantaneously updating Dashboards featuring photo galleries, graphs, charts and maps.