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Management Portal

Management Portal

Book & Schedule

Offer work out to users based on predefined parameters and schedule work based on day to day diaries featuring users’ job and travel time.

Route planning & optimisation

TeletrackLIVE will optimise the daily routes of it’s users in to the least distance and travel time possible, saving you money and your users time.

Absence management

Handle absence requests in the management portal to update the availability of field users in real time.

LIVE tracking

View field user's current job location and estimated time of arrival at the next job location. This information is also available to end users to inform them of the estimated time of arrival for their visit.

Mobile optimised

Managing a mobile workforce isn't a 9-5 job; manage teams from anywhere with our fully mobile optimised management portal.

Simple & Intuitive

For simple forms, use TeletrackLIVE’s simple and intuitive builder to collate intelligent reporting forms in seconds, no spreadsheets required.

KPI Statistics

Get a snapshot of your compliance to all SLAs in one screen; see which teams and projects are performing and which need additional support.

Controlled access

Give individual team managers access to the diaries of their team members only; GDPR proof views on a need to know basis.

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Our Clients

The best thing about Teletrack is their very quick responsiveness to any issues or development. Richard, Managing Director, Elevate Retail Solutions

Richard, Managing Director, Elevate Retail Solutions