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What is TeletrackLIVE?
TeletrackLIVE is the cloud based solution to manage your mobile workforce, LIVE!
How long has TeletrackLIVE been operating?
TeletrackLIVE has proudly been supporting the mobile workforce industry since 2002.
What industry sectors does TeletrackLIVE serve?
We currently have active clients in Field Marketing, Retail FMCG and Facilities Management.
Can TeletrackLIVE keep track of my staff?
Absolutely, whether you have 5 field users or 5000, TeletrackLIVE is there to support you.
Can TeletrackLIVE replace my job sheets?
Definitely, it’s 2019 and we shouldn’t be using as much paper as we do; TeletrackLIVE can digitise all existing forms.
What level of support does TeletrackLIVE offer?
We have two key support packages, our free of charge gold standard package and our premium support packages for clients who need a bit of extra help. Check out our support page for more info!
What devices are TeletrackLIVE available on?
Any device with a web browser, including but not limited to: iPhones and iPads, Android phones, Windows phones, tablets, laptops and PCs.
What is a PWA - why don’t you have a native app?
A PWA is a Progressive Web App, a framework built by Google which gives all the features of a Native app with no install or manual updates required. We find it is easier to use, faster to roll out and much easier to maintain. Check out our blog to find out more!
How is TeletrackLIVE rolled out to my users?
With a simple URL sent to them, you (or they) set their log-in and they’re good to go!
What size businesses does TeletrackLIVE work with?
In our history we have worked with start-ups all the way through to 4000+ employee blue chips. We treat every client the same, regardless of volume.
Do you have pricing information available?
Sure – just give us a live chat or demo request and we’ll talk you through this.
Do you offer free trials?
Absolutely, we offer free customised trials to give you a risk free experience of trying TeletrackLIVE!
Is there a minimum contract length?
We offer 24 month contracts as standard, variations to this will carry a levy.
Can you add XYZ feature to TeletrackLIVE?
Probably! We operate a crowdsourced development strategy and are always open to suggestions from our clients for new features.
Can you integrate TeletrackLIVE into my existing systems?
Absolutely, because of the web based API which TeletrackLIVE uses dedicated systems integration is possible. Contact support @ to find out more.