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LIVE data feed

Access field data within seconds of it being submitted to give you live visualisation of ongoing works.

Graphs and charts

Beautiful visualisation in easily customised graphs and charts; no more pivot tables and lookups in Excel.

Photo gallery

Present all images taken in the field in a scrollable photo gallery. Manipulate, download and approve images in one easy view.


All DashMagic widgets have drilldown capability; adding levels of insight presents more than just data, it presents solutions.

Secure client access

Industry leading encryption means only the people who see the data are those you choose to assign it to.

Simple to use

Small learning curve, massive potential. DashMAGIC has been designed with simplicity and user experience in mind, you don’t need to be a professional data analyst to produce professional dashboards.

Automated reporting

Giving your clients access to DashMAGIC ensures they receive their data in real time, no more weekly update emails and spreadsheets.

Data blending

Powerful data blending capability to combine multiple data sets for big picture dashboards.

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Our Clients

The systems functionality is one thing but user experience is critical and this is where TeletrackLIVE excelled. Virginia, Instore Field Marketing

Virginia, Instore Field Marketing