FMCG Marketing in a COVID and beyond world – is ultra-local the new hot spot?

Posted on Wed, July 29, 2020

Posted by: TeletrackLIVE

FMCG Marketing in a COVID and beyond world – is ultra-local the new hot spot?

The marketing landscape in 2020 has been turned upside down, inside out and back to front by the COVID-19 pandemic, what has not changed is the requirement for FMCG products but rather the way in which people are buying them.

In a world in which people are hesitant to travel far and keen on avoiding busy crowds, the local convenience store has become the perfect solution, these stores on our high streets and in our towns were already enjoying YoY increases in foot traffic before the pandemic but now more so than ever we are looking to them for top up shops and essentials; in fact their sales were up 17% in the 4 weeks to 13/06, with a recent Nielsen survey suggesting 25% of people are now shopping in Convenience stores more than they did pre-COVID.

Couple the increased footfall with much less restricted planograms and listing availability and for challenger brands and household names alike the Convenience sector presents an unmissable opportunity for revenue and market share growth.

With almost 50000 convenience stores in the UK the opportunity for laser focused localised growth models (for example stocking protein bars in Convenience stores within 0.5 miles of a gym) is rife with untapped potential – with models like price marked packs and multibuys doing just as well in a local store as they would in a big 6 grocery equivalent.

Should you wish to explore this market but need some software to make sense of the mountain of data and insight available TeletrackLIVE has built in capabilities for a (Direct mobile sales) to the retail environment. We have helped challenger brands capture their first Convenience sector listings and Billion £ turnover brands expand market share by providing insight into to success critical data and intelligently moving towards "right first time" sales visits in the sector. You can visit our DMS for Retail page for more details.

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