TeletrackLIVE: Upgrade notification - app build 3720

Posted on Fri, November 24, 2023

Posted by: TeletrackLIVE

Hello Everyone, we have released our latest build of TeletrackLIVE, the changes and additions are as followed:

24/11/2023 - build 3720:
 - Added integral PDF viewer.
 - Added a search facility to the library.
 - Removed search screen and embedded search within all list screens.
 - Updated calculated value code to accommodate value changes made by questions using db lookup supplemental fields and copy response options.
 - Updated check agent/survey code to show warning messages more consistently.
 - Value comparisons for conditional visibility questions changed to case-insensitive.
 - Added contains/does not contain functionality to conditional visibility questions.
 - Granular progress updates added to the sync process, browser support may vary.
 - Fixed direct URL launch method.
 - Improved detection of updated apps in service worker.
 - Improved page build performance in list screens.
 - Fixed a small bug in show_popup() that caused warnings from previous syncs to incorrectly show in subsequent successful syncs.
 - Fixed bug that gave the appearance of a duplicated visit in list screens when the date was changed.
 - Upgraded various JS libraries to the latest version.
 - Added startup and updated javascript failure screens

As always we strive to keep improving our product and will continue to do so for years to come, if you have any questions at all about our product or the recent changes please get in touch and we will be sure to answer any and all queries.