The cloud based app that connects your mobile workforce.

Managing a mobile workforce is a tough job. Getting the best people to the right jobs takes up valuable time. TeletrackLIVE creates intelligent digital connections to help you manage your mobile workforce ... LIVE!

The cloud based app that connects your mobile workforce.
The app
Nick, Ops Manager, Retail Support Company

Offers us and our customers a visual way to compile more detailed reports with live data! Nick, Ops Manager, Retail Support Company

The app

Customisable Branding
The TeletrackLIVE app can be fully customised to your branding, logo, colour scheme and terminology.
GPS Check-in
Make sure agents are where they say they are with GPS check-in – works online and offline for low signal environments.
Absence management
Remove the need for separate HR software; users request absence straight from the app, updating availability in real time. Never miss a job again because of absence.

Support Platform

Alongside our world class suite of software, TeletrackLIVE offers the most comprehensive support packages on the market. Our LIVE mentality flows through the business from top to bottom; our four pillar support platform supports your business from start to finish.

Live Support

Waiting days for support in today’s hyper-connected world is unnecessary; TeletrackLIVE prides itself in its responsiveness to clients.

Regular Service Reviews

TeletrackLIVE meets with all of its clients 2 to 4 times a year. We learn about your successes and your challenges and are constantly evolving to help you succeed.

Crowdsourced Developments

Spending as much time with our clients as we do allows us to crowdsource industry focused developments to keep our software ahead of market trends. We aim to deliver a minimum of four major updates a year, free of charge to all customers.


For some of our larger customers we implant a permanent presence inside the business; KPI success rates skyrocket with an expert super user on hand any time you need it.

Management Portal

Simple & intuitive workflow builder
Simplify the process of building new forms and workflows with TeletrackLIVE’s simple and intuitive form builder.
Route planning and optimisation
Cut down wasted time and mileage by using our inbuilt route optimisation view each employees shift, travel time and live status your eyes and ears in the field.
Project management tools
Manage KPIs, SLAs and progress reports within the portal wave goodbye to complex spreadsheets.
Management <span>Portal</span>
Richard, Managing Director, Elevate Retail Solutions

The best thing about Teletrack is their very quick responsiveness to any issues or development. Richard, Managing Director, Elevate Retail Solutions



Powerful graphical data visualisation
Build rich engaging dashboards that update with field data in realtime. Graphs, charts and photo galleries all in one place.
Built with user experience in mind
DashMAGIC has a far lower learning curve than other competitor’s software and at a price that you can afford.
Custom access levels
Only give access to the people who need it. Industry leading encryption and access technology to keep your clients data separated and secure.
Virginia, Instore Field Marketing

The systems functionality is one thing but user experience is critical and this is where TeletrackLIVE excelled. Virginia, Instore Field Marketing

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